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Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Consultation


Weight Loss for the Heart and Soul offers online courses that you may access from your phone, tablet or computer.  

The course includes the following classes:

All classes are conducted by a licensed physician!

We discuss realistic weight loss expectations, the role insulin plays in gaining fat and muscle and how weight loss impacts individuals’ bodies, moods, and life expectancies. Also, weight loss myths and misconceptions are debunked.

We focus  on navigating MYTHS of weight loss that often leaves us trapped and disappointed with the lack of results. MUCH OF WHAT WE ARE TAUGHT IS WRONG AND ARE MARKETING TRICKS THAT ACTUALLY CAUSE US TO GAIN WEIGHT AND NOT LOSE. 

We dive further into the weight loss plan and how it works. Participants get a better understanding of nutrition and how to identify healthy food choices.


We teach how to pick healthy options from menus. In addition, there is an explanation on how to cook healthy, nutritious and food that tastes good. This class focuses on staying away from foods and habits that sabotage healthy lifestyles and ultimately leads to people packing the pounds back on. Dealing with the mindset of weight loss is the core of this class.

For more information, please call (281) 480-2400 and ask for Weight Loss for the Heart and Soul.

Individual Sessions? Do you want to add a person? 

It is only $50 per person to add a buddy, partner, spouse, family member or friend. Weight loss is more likely to occur if you have a friend and accountability partner in your journey. It also helps to split the cost. Please call our main office at (281) 480-2400 for more information.

We do not accept any insurance for weight loss consultation classes or individual sessions.

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