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Option 1

  • Weight loss education and how your metabolism work. 
  • Quick metabolic profile and medical history. 
  • Reeducation about food and marketing traps to avoid. 
  • 7 step diet plan that can be implemented that day to begin your weight loss journey. 
  • 1-hour session

  • $300 total

Option 2

  • All of option 1
  • Extensive metabolic education + closer look at what has worked and not worked in the past
  • Discuss marketing traps and the science about food addiction
  • How to prepare meals
  • 3 recipes based on the foods you like (vegan and vegetarian options as well)
  • Diet and weight loss calendar
  • 2-hour session (2 separate 1-hour appointments)

  • $500 total

Option 3

  • All of options 1 and 2
  • We go over your favorite restaurant's menus and come up with healthier food options and substitutes
  • 7-day diet plan + 5 recipes based on the foods you like (vegan and vegetarian options)
  •  Trip to the grocery store and show you how to shop and identify healthy foods
  • 4-hour session (2 separate 1-hour appointments plus 2-hour grocery store trip)
  • $1,000 total

3 New Options ABOVE !!!


At Weight Loss for the Heart and Soul, we educate people about nutrition, weight loss and living healthier lives. This program has shown to GET RESULTS FOR OVER 7 YEARS!

Owner Napoleon B. Higgins, Jr. M.D., is a medical doctor who teaches people what causes weight gain and how to lose weight. He explains how your metabolism impacts weight gain or effectively helps with weight loss. We teach how to get it off and keep it off. Weight loss starts with a mindset. As a trained psychiatrist, Dr. Higgins is attuned to have the behavior of weightloss. He understands that it starts with a mindset first. 

He also offers one on one private classes online as well. If you are interested in a one to one consultation, please call the office at 281-480-2400.

With our help, many people are able to improve control of medical problems, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Depression
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Many other medical conditions

We do not quick-fix solutions or gimmicks. We do not sell weight loss pills, expensive supplements, shots or any other miracle drug or treatment. We teach true metabolic weight loss solutions that work.

If you want to sign up for a course, then contact us by phone at (281) 480-2400. 

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